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To be seen in search engines such as Google and Bing is becoming increasingly important for all types of companies in different industries. If your website isn’t visible in the search engines, the simple truth is that you lose potential new customers and leads. Let our Austin Texas SEO agency help you get the traffic you deserve!

Our services will help you boost visibility, drive more traffic to your business or website, which means more customers and clients coming in, increased opportunity to collect leads and sales, provide additional clients and customers to support you grow your businesses. We know there’s a better way to find you and your business with Austin Texas SEO.

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Partnering up with Eriksson Media ensures you slice through your competition. No matter your ambitions, increasing search engine traffic, rejuvenating the look of your website, or breaking into a new market, we have proven solutions to deliver. Our research team assembles comprehensive marketing campaigns that tap into multiple avenues of revenue and bring in tremendous results.


We use SEO to grow!

We go from word to action. That’s why we rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to grow our own business. 99% of our customers come directly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We not only say that we know what SEO is but we use it in our business.


Real results and several satisfied customers

There are many companies that say they are good, but we have the results, the customers and the reviews to prove that we are the best


We use a proven strategy

We do not fantasize or hope for SEO results. We use a tested, well-oiled strategy to get real SEO results. The best part of our strategy is that it does not “manipulate” or attempt to cheat the algorithm.


We think you have to give to take

Our SEO campaigns are successful because we believe companies need to earn their organic traffic. If you manipulate your way to search engine optimization (SEO), you will eventually end up getting your business blacklisted from the search engines altogether. Therefore, we focus our efforts on continually using white-hat strategies. By using “normal” approaches, your business continues to grow online for a long time after we have delivered the final result. We truly believe that the more value you put into the market, the more value your company will receive in return. That’s what Google loves. When you do things that Google loves, it rewards your business with search engine traffic.


We love communication

We understand that clear communication is very important to ensure that you as a customer understand what is happening but also to achieve your strategic goals. That is why our communication policy is “frequent and consistent”. We are your team and we are in this together. Your growth means everything to us.

How does SEO Austin Texas work?

Our SEO strategy is content driven. Here’s how the process looks like:


The first part of our process is to analyze your website. This allows us to find technical or user experience issues (UX) that can damage your search results.


The second step to finding keywords, linking opportunities and analyzing your competitors. This is an important phase as it lays the foundation for all future actions.


The third phase means that we create a strategy to increase your website's ranking. This means prioritizing which measures create the best results, create an editorial calendar, prioritize your link opportunities.


The fourth phase is when we take action and begin the journey to optimize your site so that it is ready to rank high on Google.


The fifth step is when we develop a base of content that will be used to rank for long keywords and thereby attract organic backlinks to your site.

Link Building

The sixth part of the process (in progress) is to start getting backlinks to your site. This will make your site easier to rank on Google (and even keep your ranking).

Aggressive plan

For small businesses
$ 995 Monthly
  • Up to 25 keywords
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • GMB Connect
  • 150 Social Links Monthly
  • Onsite 2 Pages Monthly
  • 1 Webpage / Blog Copywriting Monthly
  • Monthly Reporting

Market leader

For small to medium sized companies
$ 1495 Monthly
  • Up to 50 Keywords
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • GMB Connect
  • 275 Social Links Monthly
  • Onsite 3 Pages Monthly
  • 1 Webpage / Blog Copywriting Monthly
  • Monthly Reporting

Enterprise Custom

For large companies
$ 1995 From

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